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CV(Curriculum Vitae)



Marriage Yes


Man Birthday 1976.10.29





Cellphone 886+928212989

Occupation Dr. of Genitourinary Department(Flight Surgeon)



No. 1-150, Wuquan Road, West District, Taichung City, 8F-3, Taiwan
Graduate Institute of Biomedical ID


PhD student(Since 2016)

Primary Affiliation

Since (Month/Yr)



Urologist Dr. with PhD student

V Listen


V Talk

V Read

V Write



Genitourology, Infertility, Andrology, Female Urology, and Sexual Transmitted
*Research Interests:
Cancer, Genome polymorphism(SNPs)
S u r g i c a l S p e c i a l i s t of t h e R e p u b l i c of Ch i n a
R e p u b l i c o f C h i n a Ur o l o g i s t
R e p u b l i c o f C h i n a Su r g i c a l C r i t i c a l S p e ci a l i s t
C h i n e s e c i t i ze n f or ei g n i n j ur y s p e c i a l i s t
R e p u b l i c o f C h i n a Se xu a l l y T r a n s m it t e d D i s e a s e C o n t r o l E xp e r t
Me d i c a l r a d i a t i o n o pe r a t i o n l i c e n s e q u a l if i e d
Accreditation in the ACLS Course
A T L S c er t if i c at i o n pa s s e d
* M e di c a l As s o c i a t i o n / As s o c i a t i o n M e m b e r :
Me m b e r



T a i wa n



T a i wa n


A s s o c i a t i o n , T a i wa n S a l i n e Me d i c a l A s s o c i a t i o n , T a i wa n Me n ' s Me d i c a l
A s s o c i a t i o n , T a i wa n U r i n a r y I n c o nt i n e n c e A s s o c i a t i o n , T a i wa n T r a u m a

As a GU Dr, I will study harder to get the PhD and promote the health of all patients!

Medical DoctorNational Defense Medical Center, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Surgeon(Residents)Armed Forces Taichung General Hospital, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Surgeon(GU Dr.)Armed Forces Taichung General Hospital, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Surgeon(GU Dr.)Tri-Service Armed Forces General Hospital, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Surgeon(GU Dr.)Armed Forces Taichung General Hospital, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Surgeon(GU Dr.)Armed Forces Taichung General Hospital, Taiwan(R.O.C)
Master StudentGraduate Institute of Clinical Medical Science, China Medical
University, Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.

phD StudentGraduate Institute of Clinical Medical Science, China Medical University,
Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Relevant Experience
Flight Surgeon of of Medical Administration Flight Surgeon
Chief Flight Surgeon of of Medical Administration Chief Flight Surgeon
Resident of Surgery Department Resident
Attending Vs of Surgery DepartmentAttending Vs
Attending Vs of Genitourinary DepartmentAttending Vs
Chief of Outpatient DepartmentSuperintendent
Chief of Neurosurgery DepartmentSuperintendent

1. Association of benign prostatic hyperplasia and subsequent risk of
bladder cancer: an Asian population cohort study. World J Urol 2018 Feb 9.
Epub 2018 Feb 9(IF: 2.67)
Authors:Chu-Wen Fang,Cheng-Hsi Liao,Shih-Chi Wu,Chih-Hsin Muo

2. The Contribution of MMP-7 Promoter Polymorphisms in Renal Cell
Carcinoma. In Vivo 2017 Jul-Aug;31(4):631-635(IF: 1.15)
Authors:Cheng-Hsi Liao, Wen-Shin Chang, Pei-Shin Hu, Hsi-Chin Wu, Shih-Wei
Hsu, Yen-Fang Liu, Shih-Ping Liu, Huey-Shan Hung, DA-Tian Bau, Chia-Wen Tsai

3. Contribution of DNA Double-strand Break Repair Gene XRCC3
Genotypes to Triple-negative Breast Cancer Risk.
Authors:Chen-Hsien Su,Wen-Shin Chang,Pei-Shin Hu,Chieh-Lun Hsiao,Hong-Xue
Ji,Cheng-Hsi Liao,Te-Cheng Yueh,Chin-Liang Chuang,Chia-Wen Tsai,Chin-Mu Hsu,
Hsien-Yuan Lane,Da-Tian Bau Cancer Genomics Proteomics 2015
Nov-Dec;12(6):359-67(IF: 1.86)

4. Contribution of X-Ray Repair Complementing Defective Repair in
Chinese Hamster Cells 3 (XRCC3) Genotype to Leiomyoma Risk.
Authors:Wen-Shin Chang,Chia-Wen Tsai,Ju-Yu Wang,Tsung-Ho Ying,Tsan-Seng Hsiao,
Chin-Liang Chuang,Te-Cheng Yueh,Cheng-Hsi Liao,Chin-Mu Hsu,Shih-Ping Liu,Chi-Li
Gong,Chang-Hai Tsai,Da-Tian Bau Anticancer Res 2015 Sep;35(9):4691-6(IF: 1.87)

5. Significant Association of Cyclo-oxygenase 2 Genotypes with Upper
Tract Urothelial Cancer.
Authors:Wen-Shin Chang,Cheng-Hsi Liao,Chin-Mu Hsu,Chung-Yu Huang,Hsin-Yuan
Fang,Pei-Yu Kao,Chia-Wen Tsai,Hsi-Chin Wu,Pei-Shin Hu,Tzu-Chia Wang,Yun-Ru Syu,
Hao-Ai Shui,Da-Tian Bau Anticancer Res 2015 May;35(5):2725-30(IF: 1.87)

6. The role of functional polymorphisms of cyclooxygenase 2 in renal cell
Authors:Wen-Shin Chang,Cheng-Hsi Liao,Chia-En Miao, Hsi-Chin Wu,Lin-Lin
Hou,Chieh-Lun Hsiao,Hong-Xue Ji,Chia-Wen Tsai,Da-Tian Bau Anticancer Res 2014
Oct;34(10):5481-6(IF: 1.87)

7. The significant association of CCND1 genotypes with gastric cancer in
Authors:Hsien-Wu Kuo,Chung-Yu Huang,Chun-Kai Fu,Cheng-Hsi Liao,Yung-Hung Hsieh,
Chin-Mu Hsu,Chia-Wen Tsai,Wen-Shin Chang,Da-Tian Bau Anticancer Res 2014
Sep;34(9):4963-8(IF: 1.87)

8. Effects of interleukin-10 polymorphisms and smoking on the risk of
gastric cancer in Taiwan.
Authors:Wu-Hsien Kuo,Chung-Yu Huang,Chun-Kai Fu,Yung-Hung Hsieh,Cheng-Hsi Liao,
Chin-Mu Hsu,Yi-Kai Huang,Chia-Wen Tsai,Wen-Shin Chang,Da-Tian Bau In Vivo 2014
Sep-Oct;28(5):967-71(IF: 1.15)

9. Association of Enhancer of Zeste 2 (EZH2) Genotypes with Bladder
Cancer Risk in Taiwan.
Authors:Wen-Shin Chang,Cheng-Hsi Liao,Chia-Wen Tsai,Pei-Shin Hu,Hsi-Chin
Wu,Shih-Wei Hsu,Chieh-Lun Hsiao,Chang-Hsien Hsu,Yi-Wen Hung,DA-Tian Bau
Anticancer Res 2016 09;36(9):4509-14(IF: 1.87)

10. Baicalin Scavenged Reactive Oxygen Species and Protected Human
Keratinocytes Against UVB-induced Cytotoxicity.
Authors:Wen-Shin Chang,En-Yuan Lin,Shih-Wei Hsu,Pei-Shin Hu,Chin-Liang
Chuang,Cheng-Hsi Liao,Chun-Kai Fu,Chung-Hao Su,Chi-Li Gong,Chieh-Lun
Hsiao,DA-Tian Bau,Chia-Wen Tsai In Vivo 2016 09-10;30(5):605-10(IF: 1.15)

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